• Specializing in Healthcare Information Technology
    Navigating the medical community through the digital healthcare transition while improving operational & clinical efficiencies for better patient outcomes.

    Project Management | Enterprise Software Implementation | Software Development | Interoperability Solutions | Systems Integration | IT Helpdesk | HL7/FHIR



Corwen is a proven team of seasoned executive professionals with 20 years of experience creating solid infrastructures using customized software solutions to build businesses.

With a background that originated in the medical laboratory industry, Corwen has been recognized as a leader in HL7 integration and has successfully interfaced with nearly every EHR vendor in existence within timeframes virtually unheard of in the industry.

Corwen brings a unique combination to the IT space by intertwining a strong software and hardware systems knowledge with expert sales, marketing and operational efficiency focus. After all, what good are your systems if it isn’t geared towards sustaining your business and being the powerhouse behind growth and revenue.

  • Corey Stilton


    Meet the brains and the brawn of Corwen. The only thing Corey does better than programming is lifting heavy things. He’s like the muscled superhero whose superpower is computers.
    His talents include | saving clients millions in overhead | surfing | woodworking | fast cars
  • Gwen Allen


    Introducing the heart and soul of Corwen. She drives her RZR like she drives Corwen, like a boss and with the same fury and determination.
    Her life moto: Drive fast and take chances & if you're going to drown, drown gracefully.


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